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What Is It?: A non-commercial, completely free-access online guide to U.S. schools offering degree programs in engineering at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Overall, The Online Guide seeks to serve as the premiere website for students to quickly and easily find relevant information about schools offering engineering degree programs.

Who’s Behind This?: Engineers Dedicated to a Better Tomorrow (a.k.a., DedicatedEngineers), a charitable/educational non-profit [IRS 501(c)(3)-approved] that seeks to promote engineering studies and careers as an integral part of its overall mission to “advance engineering and improve the world through the practice of engineering.” For more information on DedicatedEngineers please visit our website.

How Does The Site Work?: The Online Guide provides a search engine for users to identify schools based on various search criteria - name, location (state), engineering major offered, etc. Each search conducted yields a list of school names, from which users can then click on any particular name to obtain a descriptive profile of both the school and its engineering program.

What Is Included As Part Of A School’s Descriptive Profile In The Online Guide?: The descriptive profile provided for a particular school is intended to give, in a capsule format, basic information about both the overall college ("General College Information" section) and the engineering program in particular ("Engineering Program Information" section), along with a listing of relevant contact information for further information/exploration ("Contact Information" section). A Descriptive Profile Outline shows exactly what type of information is provided in a typical profile. The best way to see what information is made available, however, is to review an actual profile, like this one for Penn State! :)

Is Other Relevant Information Provided On The Site? Yes – the “Info on Engineering Studies and Careers” section is intended to aid students in considering and pursuing engineering studies and careers. 


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